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March PIW Monthly Meeting 



7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

John DeSanto has been in Property/Casualty Insurance for over 50 years with most of his tenure on the insurance company side. He has been a multi-peril underwriter, underwriting manager, product development coordinator and for 25 years the Minneapolis branch manager for AIG retiring at the end of 2010. After retirement he worked as a property production specialist for RLA a surplus lines wholesaler till 2016 and taught three CE classes at Kaplan School of Professional Education until 2020 when live classes were eliminated.

John is a CPCU and has an Associate Certification in Management (AIM). He is a past president of Twin Cities Insurance Club, a long-time board member of Minnesota Chapter of CPCU and a frequent guest lecturer at Carlson School of Management. When not involved in insurance, John is a member of the noon Eden Prairie Rotary Club, an active member of Toastmasters and a longtime member of a history book club".

He will be sharing about the “Anatomy of a Fire”

On November 25th,1982 Thanksgiving Day, two adolescent boys started a fire in the partially demolished Donaldson's Department store building that ignited a chain of events that produced the largest office fire in the United States until 9-11. Damages at the time to the Northwestern National Bank building were estimated at 90 million dollars over 280 million in today's dollars. My talk will look at the cause of the fire, why there was so much damage, the lessons learned and why it took 5 years to finally settle the claim".